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View Diary: 72000+ to 2: "Wired For Republican" Media Ignores CPC/Dem Back-To-Work Budget (16 comments)

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  •  Two Things (0+ / 0-)

    1. We need to own this problem, not just hand wring at the media. The right knows how to package stories  so that they are media friendly, just like the right wing media has been more commercially successful. The left can close the gap if it adopts the same message discipline,  top down, poll tested language & message, more appeals to emotion, more opinions than fact etc etc.. .
    So the balance can be changed, it comes at a price, I am not sure we want to pay that price...

    2. The right's media strength is their "resource curse". The left has to field better candidates, and has to perform better, since the 'refs' let the red team get away with murder and call every possible foul on the blue team. Over time this Darwinian selection has made the democratic party a much better party by weeding out many more bad apples on left.

    •  The elephant in the room (0+ / 0-)

      While it's true that the MSM is hardwired to tilt Republican every time, there is another factor that drives media coverage or lack of coverage.

      Part of the reason the Tea Party gets swooned over by the DC press is that they actually broke with Republicans and have moved the debate rightward - even mounting primary challenges and getting elected at several levels of government. Can anyone here imagine a parallel thing happening on the Progressive side? Actually breaking with the Democrats?

      Ryan's budget likely gets more attention because he's the closest thing the House Republicans have to a budget standard bearer. For the Democrats, that's Obama, period. Very sad.

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