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  •  Your hatred obscures your vision. (0+ / 0-)

    Perhaps you don't know:  he is famous as being the most compassionate of all church officials toward AIDS sufferers.  In all of history!

    But you're just all hate, no reality.

    •  Here's a good time to address (1+ / 0-)
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      Bergogliio's public comments on homosexuals representing "an attack on the agenda of God."

      We've been asking for your comment almost since you posted this diary.  

      On its face, I wouldn't consider that a particularly compassion position.  

      I stand with vacantlook.  If Bergoglio mouths off like a homophobic bigot, I think it's fair to consider that he is one.  

      Of note, not all people suffering with HIV or AIDS are homosexual.

      •  Again, I don't see any evidence that he (0+ / 0-)

        called homosexuals "demonic."  Nobody has cited any actual real authority for that, and I disbelieve it.

        He has NEVER attacked homosexuals!  He is famous for very compassionate service to AIDS sufferers.

        As I commented above, he is against gay marriage, and I disagree with him on that.

        And for crying out loud, do you think I'm a sixth grader?!  Of course not all with HIV/AIDS are homosexual.  But most of them are, and those were the ones he was genuinely helping.

        Please try to be more fair and reality-based.

    •  Calling me demonic... (1+ / 0-)
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      Remediator not compassionate. Your sense of compassion is warped.

      •  But he never said homosexuals are (0+ / 0-)

        "demonic."  At least I can't find any evidence of that, and there is none in this thread.

        •  He said that our desire for equality... (1+ / 0-)
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 demonic. Same difference. It's homophobic bigotry, and it came from this man. My desire to not be discriminated against is not demonic. But this man said it is. You can continue to ignore it all you want to, but the rest of us will not.

          •  Agree. The words came from out of (0+ / 0-)

            Bergoglio's mouth, so I'm assuming we're free to assume he meant them.

            I'd certainly accept Bergoglio, now the Pope, issuing a statement to say that his remarks against lesbians and gay men were totally misguided, inappropriate, overtly exclusional, anti-Christian as regards the New Testament, and that he is profoundly ashamed to have spoken them against the sub-populations they represent on all continents.  

            I do realize it may be a long time before that statement gets issued!

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