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  •  You know, you're actually not telling the (0+ / 0-)


    He is not more guilty of dreaded "homophobic bigotry" than any Catholic priest.

    Do you know that he is famous for his truly compassionate ministry to AIDS sufferers in Argentina?

    You probably do know that, and don't care, in your insistence on hating all Catholics all the time.  

    Even on Daily Kos, that kind of bigotry is not supported by the majority of members.

    •  Not anti-Catholic at all. But very anti- (0+ / 0-)


      Generally speaking I don't like rule-givers.  Especially rule-givers who say one thing and then do another.  

      A close read of the New Testament would suggest that exclusional and discriminatory social positions run contrary to the spirit of What's-His-Name's ministry.  

      Your new guy's on record as being both exclusional and discriminatory.  

      You keep equating homosexuals with AIDS victims, Timaeus.  Those are separate topics.  

      Bergoglio's comments on homosexuals were homophobic and bigoted.  You presented him as a sort of wonderful Santa Claus in your diary and you got called on it.  

      He's no Santa Claus.

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