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  •  Since there seems to be a Pope-a-thon (15+ / 0-)

    Going on, a little something from the Book of the Sayings of Tsiang Samdup; quoted by Talbot Mundy in Om - The Secret of Ahbor Valley, p. 172.

    I have conversed with many priests; and some were honest men, and some were not, but three things none of them could answer: if their God is all-wise, what does it matter if men are foolish? And if they can imagine and define their God, must he not be smaller than their own imaginations? Furthermore, if their God is omnipotent, why does he need priests and ritual?

    And I have asked this of the priests, but their words were emptiness: If it is true that a priest can pacify and coax God, or by mediation can relieve another from the consequences of his own sin, why should anyone be troubled and why do priests not put an end for ever to all sin and suffering? If they can, and do not, they are criminals. If they cannot, but pretend that they can, they are liars.

    Also too
    "The Gods are not exactly lazy, but they are self-respecting and refuse to waste good mystery on work that we should do ourselves."
    Talbot Mundy January 1926

    Help me to be the best Wavy Gravy I can muster

    by BOHICA on Thu Mar 14, 2013 at 04:28:32 AM PDT

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