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View Diary: QOTD: NOM chairman suggests Chief Justice Roberts' choice to adopt kids is "second best" option+more (80 comments)

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    Except not really. If the only perspective you have is 'people just like me who believe as I do', you may offend without intending to. It may be that the Roberts are not offended by this insulting statement, because they may ascribe to its underlying logic.

    Many adoptive parents don't consider adoption for themselves unless they have already not conceived. So from their shoes, adoption may have been second-best in their thinking.

    Of course it's still an offensive, belittling and just plain wrongheaded thing to say. Adoptive parents may talk more than other members of the triad (I am one, and I resemble that remark) but that's not because we're the only ones with something to say.

    The boneheaded insensitivity to how this comes across to b-parents and adoptees, and indeed anyone else capable of taking on their perspectives, is mind-boggling.

    Parent. Entrepreneur. Cancer patient. Moose tracker.

    by PhoenixRising on Thu Mar 14, 2013 at 01:56:21 PM PDT

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