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  •  Past my bed time.... didn't read the WHOLE thread (13+ / 0-)

    Academics are a formal program of teaching critical thinking skills, providing a large segment of the population access to information and experiences that form the political and social contract.   The more varied and complex the common associations, the more Liberal and socially oriented the community.
    (look Ma! Big words.)  Scholars are specialists.  We delight in splitting hairs and take pride in the depths of obscurity.   Attention to nuance and detail. I've been trained to use precise words.

    Looking back at the PhD process, I've thought that the point is to train your brain to think in a global web, and to be able to argue both sides of the question with yourself.

    A dissertation is the culmination of showing your peers that you know how to connect ALL the dots, not just the obvious ones.  That you, too, cannot only count the hairs on a gnat's ass, you've confirmed they had been dyed.
    Brain fencing.

    What's the point?
    Connecting the dots. See the connections the untrained brain would miss. Imagining new connections. Bullshit detectors.  Before the Stupid Years (1980 - present) faked or shoddy research and arguments were pounced on and shredded.  Then Reagan.

    We're actually in the process of fundamentally changing the way our brains operate.  Instead of right hand/left brain coded writing, we use both hands to communicate in visuals and word/symbols. We're getting telepathic.

    That does not diminish the need for trained academic brains. How do you think technology and toilet paper get to you? People need to think and invent.  You could say that "Atlas Shrugged" is an argument for academe, since its premise is that the idea is paramount. The actual fruit of that idea? Meh.  

    We would do well to restore scientists and academics to their former status as the Googles of their time. As of right now, I don't think machines can ask the question "Why?"
    That is academic training. Starting in pre-school. May our grandchildren forgive us for their misery. They are SO screwed.

    On every level, we're screwed. We are the only large resource country/nuclear country who's elected officials are open about their intent on selling us into corporate slavery.
     Bills rejecting science, reality and secularism are a notice to business about the training of the next cheap labor force.

    Government is supposed protect us from business, not make us compete with it.  

    My contribution to the body of knowledge is titled "Reading John Ford's December 7th: the influence of unread cultural constructs  in the Visual Remembering of the Pearl Harbor attack" Blanpied, UH Manoa, Dec 04.
    It's a fun read, actually.
    It started from asking 'why are all the pictures of the attack on Pearl Harbor the same?' wandered through Madison Ave, Hollywood and the Catholic church. It spans domestic propaganda, redemptive violence, Walter Benjamin, and Disney.  

    My defense lasted 45 minutes. Details, connect the dots.

    Med time,bedtime.

    Jesus died to save you from Yahweh.

    by nolagrl on Thu Mar 14, 2013 at 09:03:48 PM PDT

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