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  •  I don't doubt her political motivations match (4+ / 0-)
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    your description.

    It is the effect which I believe she has miscalculated - badly.

    Her support hinges on the assertion that the chained CPI must demonstrably be benign. To which I'd first ask, by whose lights? Pelosi might rebuff as failed arithmetic a particular analysis supporting chained CPI. Others, to her right, are likely to have a different disposition. Her prior embrace of the concept leaves more than enough wiggle room for Blue dogs, and players further to the right to declare a bipartisan "victory" on the issue. Damage will be done.

    Meanwhile, the other true alternative (from the House) goes begging, ignored, silently declared irrelevant.

    •  How can this benignness be (4+ / 0-)

      asserted when it represents a shit ton of money of what is considered SPENDING which is what the Republicans wish to curtail?

      IOW, if it is so benign to the future recipients, why would it make such a dent in the deficit? Regardless of whether it is phased in, in small increments, the figure must be huge. Otherwise, it wouldn't be pushed.

      The logical disconnect boggles the mind. The bread I like is about $4.69 a loaf [Arnold Oatnut]. The crappy bread is $2 something. People are not going to be able to eat pretty soon. I use bread because almost everybody eats it. Even dry staples like peas and beans are over a dollar a bag now, something like $1.29-$1.79. Rice is up to about a dollar a lb. for bottom grade.

      Something's going to have to give.

      •  Yes, we have to have more money flowing (5+ / 0-)

        to the people and less being captured by the middlemen. Because, they just hoard.

        Also, we have to debunk the illusion that accumulating and hoarding currency is a sign of anything but an obsession. Just because dollars are inherently worthless, people hoarding them is not a benign obsession -- not when the people responsible for managing the national accounts take the resulting scarcity as an excuse to deprive the general population of the necessities of life.

        We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

        by hannah on Fri Mar 15, 2013 at 05:39:17 AM PDT

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