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View Diary: In an America 'can do' speech, Obama introduces Energy Security Trust for transportation innovations (47 comments)

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  •  Well he just puts my hair on fire (11+ / 0-)

    He totally doesn't get how angry this makes seniors.  He acts like we're just in the way and if he could just reform us off the map then he could do his awesome cool stuff.  

    I mean did he have to brag about "entitlement reform" in this speech (and I heard it live on MSNBC and so I was already mad about it before you posted this)?  What does "entitlement reform" have to do with this?

    Is every speech he gives going to be another rally to screw seniors or what?

    I mean I TOTALLY oppose entitlement reform so all he does is just turn me so totally off and make me so mad that I won't support anything he does.  

    Not that he cares.  I'm old.  I'm not cool.  

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