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  •  You Hope!! (0+ / 0-)

    "Who cares? We win either way!"

    YOU HOPE you win either way!

    I hate to rain on the parade of the progressives / liberals, but there are far more issues than just gay marriage.  You want to run on supporting gay marriage but trashing the social safety net?  You may get the young vote, but we seniors will run from you in droves.

    I have complained about the conservatives being focused in on abortion and abortion alone, and I have read progressive writing on that subject.  But progressives are morphing into conservative mindset through their Johnny-one-note approach to gay marriage.  I personally cannot picture myself "marrying" another man, but if gay marriage becomes the law of the land -- through legislative enactment, citizen referendum, or Supreme Court -- I will not be taking up the cudgels against it.

    But I do wish that the progressive element in this country could move on past gay marriage, "climate change," and union protection to addressing some other issues that desperately need to be addressed, like quality of education, for example.  Until some of these other issues are addressed, I am afraid that I am going to listen to the Progressive voice less and less.

    •  We focus on those issues because no one else will (0+ / 0-)

      Gay marriage wouldn't even be on anyone's radar if not for Hollywood, a liberal bastion. The need gays have for legal protection would still be there, it would just be ignored. "Climate change" is an absolute non-starter without liberals bringing it up. Most Americans still deny it even exists despite dangerous weather and people much smarter then they are telling them so. And sorry but the GOP really does want to get rid of worker protections. Both in terms of safety and security and even pay. If many of these businesses had their way, we'd see a return to company stores. We focus on these things because otherwise they would get ignored.

      Sorry if that comes off as "one note" but they are important. As for why liberals spend so much time on gay marriage, we see this as literally modern segregation. A group of people are being denied something just because someone else doesn't want them around. If we are truly an enlightened society, we can't live that way. A better future starts with becoming a better people. That means we put aside basic differences like gender attraction.  

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