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  •  And then they came for the Anarchists (5+ / 0-)

    That's been the one constant.

    We're at the beginning of that right now. With the grand jury witch hunts in the Pacific North West, which have moved closer to me down here in the Bay Area.

    But we don't stand alone. We have each other. Sure, the government is against us, but when hasn't it been. The only way for them to truly silence us, all of us, is for us to be silent. There are those who are visibly attacked, like the one's you mention, and they are heroes. But there are more whose names we will never know. The young black man who runs from police who would just as well kill him, and gets away. The store employee that gives food to the needy despite the fact that it's against the rules. These folks risk their freedom just as much as any of the people listed. But always remember: We have each other.

    In China the vast majority of censorship is not targeted at speech that criticizes the government, it's targeted at speech that advocates organizing against injustices by the government. People who advocate organizing against injustices by the government are similarly shouted down here by the media and the media enablers who have no hesitation in attacking people's character or whatever it may take to discredit them.

    But always remember: We have each other. That is the most powerful thing we have and the fact that they need to isolate those specific people you mention proves it. They cannot be free to communicate with the rest of us.

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