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  •  Sorry but now you're changing the English language (0+ / 0-)

    for Assange too.  Let's see what we get when we Google "rape fugitive", shall we?


     *  Chopper for rape fugitive
     *  SEPTA police nab rape fugitive
     *  Makeshift camping gear 'of rape fugitive' discovered - Scotland ...
     *  ROUNDUP: US child rape fugitive to be extradited from Hong Kong
     *  UPDATE: Gang rape fugitive cuffed while on toilet - Beaumont ...
     *  FBI — FBI Arrests Alleged Rape Fugitive in Honolulu
     *  Loudon County child rape fugitive captured in Arizona » Knoxville ...
     *  SEPTA police nab rape fugitive | News | Philadelphia City And Press
     *  Texas Gang Rape Fugitive Recaptured
     *  Harlingen child rape fugitive arrested in Willacy County : News ...
     * - Þýða þessa síðuDeila

    Shall I go on to page 2?

    But hey, after automatically supporting a rape fugitive's run from the law, I suppose changing the English language to support him is nothing small for you, eh?

    Once again: Deal with it.  Assange is a rape fugitive.  A man on the run from the law for rape charges.  If he doesn't like people using the term for him, he shouldn't have become a rape fugitive.  It was his own damned choice every step of the way.

    Your assumption of Assange's guilt isn't based on a judicial finding of guilt

    I never made an assumption of guilt.  I'm simply pointing out the facts.  That he's a rape fugitive.  Which he is.  Now, the predominance of the evidence is that he raped a girl and molested another.  Which isn't my judgement, that's the judgement of all of the investigating officers, the prosecutor's office, the Svea court of appeals, and the Supreme Court.  Including a hearing of the evidence and  defense from Assange's legal team.

    Where did I ever back "his run from damned serious charges"?

    The whole implicit argument that he's being setup and that the girls are a bunch of lying sluts on the dole from the CIA.  At a time when DK is damning the media and townsfolk for automatically siding with the accused in the Steubenville case and acting all self-righteous, it's amazing to see people who lack the ability to see the hypocrisy for doing the same in the Assange case where they like the accused.

    Are you claiming that the presumption of innocence only applies in the courtroom?

    Presumption of innocence is a legal term, yes.  It means that the prosecutor must prove the subject's guilt in court to convict and sentence them rather than the subject having to prove their innocence (for example, if a guy was charged with robbing a store, the prosecutor would first have to prove that he was at the store, rather than making the guy prove that he was somewhere else).  It says not a damn thing about letting rape fugitives go and cheering them on while they run from the law.  You're twisting the legal principle beyond recognition.

    Let's cut to the chase: are you or are you not going to keep lionizing Assange as he runs from rape charges?  Are you or are you not going to keep publicly treating his accusers as lying sluts trying to ruin an innocent man even while multiple courts have ruled that the predominance of evidence is that he committed rape?

    •  You get your grammar from News Headlines?! (1+ / 0-)
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      Well that explains a lot.

      But hey, after automatically supporting a rape fugitive's run from the law, I suppose changing the English language to support him is nothing small for you, eh?
      I've already corrected this misrepresentation. That you now repeat it makes it an intentional falsehood on your part. There's no point in engaging with serial liars.

      Nothing human is alien to me.

      by WB Reeves on Tue Mar 19, 2013 at 09:52:04 PM PDT

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