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View Diary: Saturday nutpick-a-palooza: Did you hear that Obama is trying to buy 1.6 billion bullets? (134 comments)

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  •  Yep.... very sad to say (6+ / 0-)

    that some folks out there, including family unfortunately, are taking this bullet bs extremely serious. And a lot of other crap as well.

    I have had to disable what posts on my fb newsfeed for said family, because it was so disturbing.

    A couple of other great talking points: the UN is coming for your guns; under ACA EVERYONE... and I mean EVERYONE... will have a microchip implanted! There are so many of them.

    I think we need a debunk the myths groups LOL. If I wasn't laughing, I'd be crying :(

    •  OMG, your family too..YIkes !! I consider myself (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      NancyWH, Proud Mom and Grandma

      fortunate on this one occasion that I can do as my late parents told me I could do. They would say...

      Once we are gone, you can disown and ignore dysfunctional and angry relatives and friends of can make waves , call people out, and do whatever you want.  Go crazy and have fun and tell off the relatives if you choose. You have our blessing.
      As towards the end of their lives when the cancer was really bad, they just asked me to chill with some relatives and keep the peace but still speak out but choose my words just until they were gone.  As they were told to avoid stress.

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      by wishingwell on Sat Mar 16, 2013 at 01:37:44 PM PDT

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      •  The stress between my hubby's (0+ / 0-)

        children and me and my children at times is so bad.

        The last time the hubby and I talked to his children was at Christmas time. At least the conversation between my children and us is still existent, but we don't go 'there' - pick your topic when it comes to guns and all the right wing bs.

        I have gotten to the point where I refuse to let fear drive my emotions ... my being. Even on the left, I check things out. I'm getting tired of fact checking LOL :)

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