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  •  well, the truth is, nobody in politics really (5+ / 0-)

    can be maximally effective. You lose the ability to act and speak unabashedly when you're an elected official.

    If you want someone to reallly make a difference, the person is best off not running for office at all.

    This is the problem I have sometimes with the left (of which I am a firm member). We want our activists to be politicians these days. Back in the 60's the activists didn't run for office and they could make speech and hold rallies and say shit no politician in the country could come out and say really. And in the end it was the activists who raised the profile of the issues enough to make the pols fear they'd lose their jobs if they didn't do what the "american people" wanted.

    No politician, no matter how awesome, will approach the effectiveness of a committed activist. When you're an elected official you just don't have that freedom. I love Warren and what she's doing. But you're right. She's one in 100. Better that than nothing. But as president, it wouldn't be much different. And perhaps even less power in terms of actually getting legislation passed.

    Sometimes I wish our most eloquent and vociferous voices would actually stay OUT of elected office. Lord does the left need some activists.

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