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    Eric Griego, a progressive, in the Dem. primary against Lujan-Grisham, while Emily's List was supporting her.
    I had been donating to various races both through Act Blue and Emily's List. However, after I read how nasty the race between Griego and L-G had become-especially on her part, I stopped donating to candidates through Emily's List, and did it through ActBlue or directly to the candidates themselves.

     Sen Leahy, here in VT has the Green Mountain PAC but I refused to donate to it because one of the candidates he was supporting was Sen. Joe Manchin of WV, a DINO. Instead I donated to Al Franken's Mid Western PAC since I liked all the candidates.

    My neighboring state of NH has a good bunch of women in their Governor, 2 Dem. Congresswomen and 1 Dem. senator-with the exception of Senator Kelly Ayotte (R), who seems to have replaced Joe Lieberman as one of the "Three Amigos." (McCain, Graham & Ayotte)

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      we sure don't need that kind of nastiness in party. Leave it to the repubs.

      I supported Eric Griego and was frankly kind of appalled at the L-G's attacks on him. However after the primary I realized that if he had become the Dem candidate, the RW would have taken that material from his background and run with it. I don't think he would have been able to overcome it, and we'd probably have a Repug for our rep today.

      That said, I supported Michelle as our candidate and I am pleased with her work since she's been in the House.

      Sigh. Nobody ever said politics would be easy1

      You should sit & mediate 20 minutes each day. Unless you don't have the time. Then you should sit for an hour.

      by jan4insight on Mon Mar 18, 2013 at 09:31:15 AM PDT

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