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  •  Let restate things a bit (4+ / 0-)

    What I want are consequences if one breaks the law.  But, what if the law is no longer enough since politicians are sufficiently bribed to decriminalize activities that clearly against the public interest.  Then, there must be some other way to hold the 1% accountable.

    I don't mean literally that there should be guillotines, but I am suggesting that there will eventually be a mass reaction to this dysfunction.  I have no idea as to exactly what it might be, but I am hoping for a peaceful restoration of accountability through legitimate political means.  But, I am not holding my breath, because it may not be peaceful and may not be "legitimate" since, as is being said, the US has become a police state wherein change through peaceful means is simply put down by force (ala the occupy movement).

    It is becoming clearer to more and more people that the idea of "free markets" and "unfettered capitalism" , blah, blah, etc.  simply doesn't work for the vast majority of folks.  There will be some reaction to this, and there should be.  

    Bottom line is that there needs to be behaviorial changes  in board rooms and other seats of power in the US.  Fear is one way to motivate such change, but so is removing the wrong people and installing the right people.  When the law is so corrupted that the latter is out of the question, what is to be done?

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