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    But an "official" food taster (described as a "veteran of three presidencies") turns up in a local paper's feature on a Clinton get-together with Silicon Valley types in Los Gatos, California,
    a detachment of navy culinary specialists did the tasting (per the New York Times) at a congressional lunch held at the Capitol during George W. Bush's inaugural festivities in 2001
    So, we have reason to figure it was the practice from at least Reagan (the veteran of 3 Presidencies would have served Reagan, Bush I, and Clinton), and continued through Bush II,, up to the present.

    And there is a "system" to it.

    When the president digs in at a state banquet, Petro informs us, he's eating basically the same stuff as everyone else in the room, but his helping has been prepared specially by White House stewards, who suit up to match the other servers at the event and carry his plate out themselves. For events in foreign countries, it's the same thing but more so. Petro writes: "Stewards find out what's being served at the banquet and bring the ingredients with them from the United States."

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    by Catte Nappe on Fri Mar 15, 2013 at 01:49:13 PM PDT

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