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  •  an open container law (0+ / 0-)

    stipulates that you can't carry an open container in public, in public view, etc.  If you do so, it's a crime.  There is no real affirmative defense I know of for an open container.

    you're allowed to drink all day in private, assuming you're of age and are not operating machinery, driving (or in most states, carrying a gun).

    shooting somebody in self defense, is still homicide.  The self defense claim is an affirmative defense (yes I shot him, in defense of my life).  That gets you off the hook for murder.  

    But wait, you still broke an unlawful use of a weapon law by brandishing a pistol (drawing in public).  AND you likely broke another law for discharging the firearm within city limits. A carry permit gives you an affirmative defense for brandishing and discharging the weapon.  Again, assuming it was ruled a good shoot.

    Until you talk about carry laws, it's close, but there's to aspects of gun control currently:

    -What you should/shouldn't be able to own
    -Where you should/shouldn't be able to have it.

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