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    New Republican Message - Balanced Budgets

    When Rep. Paul Ryan first introduced his new budget plan, Democrats dismissed it as draconian for balancing the budget in 10 years.
    But the message of bringing the federal government’s books into balance — the central idea behind the Wisconsin lawmaker’s 2014 spending plan — was quietly tested in 18 competitive House races in a late-February poll by the National Republican Congressional Committee. It was a winning argument across a broad swath of politically moderate — and nearly split — districts.
    The poll developed House Republicans’ driving political message as they head into a highly charged budget debate. Ryan’s budget — in the past used as a weapon against Republicans in House races — will be on the floor this week, and leadership is confident it will pass.
    The polling was done after Ryan’s budget policies were more or less in place. The data behind the budget was meant to make lawmakers comfortable with their vote. McCarthy and Ryan have spent weeks explaining the budget to Republican lawmakers.
    Polls like this are always taken with a grain of salt. It’s a Republican poll, so the questions are worded to yield results the GOP is seeking. Just 1,200 voters were surveyed. Plus, it’s easy to support balancing the budget, but the proposition becomes far less popular when voters hear what’s involved with shrinking the nation’s budget deficit.
    What the pollsters did not remind respondents of is that the evidence of the last 30+ years shows that the idea that the Republicans are concerned with balanced budgets as opposed to Democrats is laughable.

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