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View Diary: Shocking News: Men Rebut Woman's Mansplaining Complaint (93 comments)

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    "a very busy person's curt and glossing-over-the-point response to a semi-rude ranting email" is a "tiny issue".

    i still don't see how pogue being short and missing the point of the original question is sexism merely because he's a man and the diarist was a woman.

    i've gotten the same sort of response out of female supervisors/muckety-mucks at my job, where i lay out a problem in detail and i get a one-line response from a busy woman that shows that she didn't even read the email enough to sufficiently get the point. is that sexism too, because she's not showing sufficient fealty to my position? at least in my case the original email doesn't tell her that job isn't 'real work'.

    anyone born after the McDLT has no business stomping around acting punk rock

    by chopper on Sat Mar 16, 2013 at 08:51:06 AM PDT

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