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View Diary: The REAL DEBT we are leaving our children (8 comments)

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  •  Another debt, the kind that cannot be fixed, which (3+ / 0-)
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    the Rs are leaving is the same kids they claim to be protecting as to federal financial matters, is a want of preK care, needful food from food stamps, day care so parents, especially single ones, can work rather than stay home and care for them with no sort of support, have worse schools in which to learn to be adults  and so on and so on. It is the same kids Rs claim to want to protect who are getting battered out of this so that they will be less well prepared for adulthood and less well educated and less healthy when the day comes if it ever does, that the financial effect of deficit on them from which the Rs claim to be protecting them,  becomes an issue, if they survive that long.

    Another of the family sins of Rs  has to do with the different ways the current Twenties are dealing with children and marriage as a basic matter, one made worse for not recognizing it and legislating with the reality of the situation in mind.

    The NYT this AM had an interesting article about delays in the marriage age and the difference between that and the birth of first child age, on a class basis. College people OK per NYT views, but those not college grads are in a position where although men marry at 29 and women at 27, half of them have at least one child before that, and the woman the 29 year old marries may well not be marrying the mother of the first child he conceived. So it is not merely a problem of foolish poor women that there are many many single parents of very young children, but rather a substantial generational change in the matter of marriage at all, no small part of which is caused by the fact that in this economy it is not possible for young twenties without college, and certainly teens, even to get jobs with which to support the children they make in relationships they are not going to refuse to have because they are not then economically established.

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