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View Diary: Should 10 year old kids be handcuffed? What about 7? Or 6? (29 comments)

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  •  It's a disgrace, of course the answer is No (6+ / 0-)

    ...usually, handcuffs never. I know of public elementary school children who have required restraints to not harm themselves and others. It's easy enough to film the situation prior to using restraints since every case I know of  has had a long history of inaction, institutional malpractice (e.g., refusing to take early action), custodial parent inaction or incompetence, etc . Teachers know.  I assume a more appropriate restraint is available than handcuffs designed for adult criminals,these kids are not criminals. There should be swift public consequences from the top down for inaction or inappropriate action. Children do not suddenly lose it. Why not a social services agency? If the police are involved then some adult fucked up. The school Board is accountable and, wherever a documentation trail is missing, so could the social services, police, principal &  teacher be.

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