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    are excellent points.  And to be honest, this should be an update to your diary.  But you have a problem here.  If you start to negotiate and work with Republicans like Obama wants to, we will get screwed.  Because the lobbyists and big business run the show.

    If anything the Tea Party's chaos has really saved us from any sort of Grand Bargain in which Obama has put entitlements on the table.  

    I say we wait them out.  We continue building our base.  We work on State Races.  We work on turning Texas Blue.  Because in order to do anything serious we need more solid Blue State Senators.  We work on having a solid Blue State Senator as Minority leader.  Reid does us no good in his position.  In 10 years we will be able to take back the House.

    In the next four years we need a solid liberal Democratic President.  HRC is okay, but why not try for better?  Elizabeth Warren?  A fighter.

    We have to lay the ground work.  Taking care of our the poor, seniors, disabled is the minimum.

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