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  •  That sounds like it could keep costs down, (2+ / 0-)
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    which was a source of my hesitation. If you can use a PEG with minimal expense, then stream content elsewhere, it makes all kinds of sense. I don't know much about "The View." I think it's been on in some doctor offices. Of course, as I was waiting for a doctor I wasn't too focused on the programming. I do enjoy Miss Rachel and Ed but haven't been watching either lately (and won't be able to see Mr. Schultz now - glad he has his radio show). Does that format appeal to both men and women? I had a friend who taught government years ago, before becoming an attorney. I remember during a garbage workers strike, he told me about a class discussing pro football and services. Got the class roused up about the great season, led them into the high pay, went on to discuss the stinky piles of garbage, and the salaries of the workers, and finished with students asking him why football players made so much money for playing games while people who kept their city clean made so little. He was a good teacher. I suppose a host who could guide the conversation like that would be ideal, but then that was teenagers and an adult.

    I'm good at asking questions, arent' I? I did go "like" this on FB.

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    by cv lurking gf on Sun Mar 17, 2013 at 08:06:47 AM PDT

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    •  Yea, the cost of production is really just (3+ / 0-)

      Using the PEG stations.

      And yeah, by the view I didn't mean it would be women-targeted. I meant that the format is designed to be conversational instead of snarky or hyper partisan. We'll be requiring at least two hosts for each show since most of the hosts won't be professional media people but likely folks who are just active in their communities. So we want to make it easy to have "conversations" on camera. If those two (or more) people are young, old...doesn't matter. We plan to have a really good screening process for this and profit sharing for hosts/producers (since obviously it's mostly a volunteer effort). But the idea is to make sure it's authentic, and speaks to the community in the voice of that community. And that it's educational without being boring or preachy.

    •  And btw thanks for the like! (2+ / 0-)

      Feel free to post to the wall anytime. :)

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