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    I cope, have been doing so for many decades, so I'm used to it.  My family is full of allergic people, not necessarily the same allergies - except most of us can't deal with chemical scents, so there's that in common.  My mother had emphysema and asthma and my father died of an unrelated, rare, always-fatal lung disease called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis nineteen years before Mom died.  Between their deaths, chemical perfume scents came into being, the bane of my existence (and other family members).  Scented products while shopping could set off a coughing episode for my mother in the store so bad I thought she was going to die on the spot.  There's an element of genetics to allergies which is why I'm very aware of them.  Both my parents had different allergies, and it turns out both my brother and I have them, and so do some of his kids.

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