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  •  If you really want to stop this (10+ / 0-)

    start with the men.  Older men, sit down with younger men and tell why it's wrong for men to rape women.  Explain that it's never okay for them to use their larger size and strength against women.

    Speak out against a culture of entitlement and male privilege, where only men are viewed as people and women are viewed as toys or decorations.  Ask them if their behavior passes "the sister test" - would they want someone treating their sisters like that?  If so, don't do it!

    Meanwhile, those of us who are post-college-aged women should be educating younger women on date rape.  A lot of girls don't know it can happen and would never dream that one of their friends might hurt them.  Explain that if it DOES happen it is NOT THEIR FAULT, but if they feel creeped out by someone, there's probably a good reason for it - and if the guy is hurt, well that's very sad, but their own health and safety needs to take higher priority over hurt feelings.  They can apologize another time.  In public.  

    Push for more respectful treatment of women in the media, on television, and in the news - today's CNN debacle is an excellent example.

    Finally, if someone is being disrespectful of someone else, particularly if they are using sexist or sexual terms, call them on it.  

    I think it's possible to stop, or, at least, greatly reduce rapes, but only after we reach a critical mass of both genders who are willing to do whatever it takes to stop it.

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