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  •  Yes, I have one for you. Bring It On. Yep, the (4+ / 0-)

    cheerleading movie with Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Duskhu--beloved bit of cute campy fluff.

    I love Bring It On. I can quote from a lot of it. But it was not until Savannah Dietrich made the news for taking to Twitter to publicize rapists' names that I noticed the cute campy movie includes a cute campy digital rape. The set-up comes when the two male cheerleaders are talking with Missy and Torrence about being male cheerleaders. One is gay. One isn't. The straight one talks about how wonderful it is that Courtney doesn't wear underpants under her spanky pants and ooops, sometimes his digits slip when he's basing her. The line is played for comedy.

    Some scenes later, the Toros are cheerleading and Courtney is being based by straight cheerleader. The camera focused on her long enough for us to see a comical expression of distraction on her face--her expression is such to indicate something sexual going on. She's released and we see straight cheerleader with an expression of satisfaction. She slaps or hits him (can't remember, but pretty sure there's something physical). It's pretty clear that we've just witnessed his ooops, digits slipped moment.

    This scene is also played for comedy.

    So we have one character confessing he repeatedly intentionally digitally penetrates his female teammate. We have a scene illustrates. Both of these are portrayed as comedic and non-problematic.

    That's the type of thing people mean when talking about movies and TV shows glorifying and trivializing rape. Ha ha, isn't it so funny that he sneakily violates his teammate during games and practices. After all, she's just the skanky antagonist anyway.

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