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    Armando, AmericanAnt, thestructureguy

    YOU'RE the reason a lot of car enthusiasts can't STAND the modified import scene anymore.  You don't like NASCAR, fine... but don't act like it takes no talent to drive in the series, and sure as hell no need to resort to overly derogatory insults towards the fans of it.  

    I used to be a big WRC fan, and have owned a couple of high-power Imprezzas in the past ten years: one highly modified 03 WRX, and an 06 STi.  Loved those cars dearly, but I'm not going to sit here and pretend they're the ideal car for every acing type.  A banked speedway would see you left behind by those stock Mustangs you sneer at, and a twenty-year-old NA Miata would make you his (cough) at autocross. Hell, last time I was out at Spring Mountain, my bone-stock FR-S chased down and forced a pass on a highly modified 2010 STi , so there ya go (and yes, I know the mods were good, because I've used the shop that's do e them myself).  

    You don't like a type of racing, or a class of cars, that's fine... but there's no need to be a dick about it..  

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