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View Diary: An HIV Positive Child & The Miracle That Wasn't (7 comments)

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    Calamity Jean, myboo

    When I heard this case, it reminded me of people who survive some horrible accident and hail it as God's generosity that they survived. Wouldn't a good and generous God who was truly looking out for you have helped you avoid the pain and suffering in the first place? Or, taking the religion out of it, is someone lucky who survives a horrible tragedy? Wouldn't the lucky person be the one who was never caught up in the tragedy?

     In this case, I thought how sad it was that the girl was born with HIV to begin with when we now have ways that are fairly successful at presenting in utero transmission. I suppose it was a medical miracle, but the real miracle would be if we could prevent people from getting HIV in the first place. Instead, conservative states especially and conservative politicians do everything they can to keep women ignorant about birth control and ignorant about the real risks of unprotected sex and try to make it so women do not have affordable access to health services like those provided by Planned Parenthood so that maybe she would have discovered she had HIV before her pregnancy or early enough to prevent transmission to her fetus. And maybe if conservatives with the aid of some democrats, sad to say, would stop opposing needle exchange programs, we would have lower rates of HIV in this country and this woman would not have gotten HIV to begin with. (Not saying she got it through drug use --only that unsafe IV drug use contributes to higher higher HIV rates overall, increasing risk for everyone).

    We Won't Let Republicans Replace Medicare with GOP Vouchercare!

    by CatM on Sun Mar 17, 2013 at 03:37:24 PM PDT

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