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View Diary: Warren politely SCHOOLS businessman at Senate hearing who tries to explain wage economics to her (219 comments)

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  •  Republicans, ecch! (8+ / 0-)

    Most Republican voters in the bible belt are being told that their 'god given' rights are being taken away, and that Democrats are killing little babies every day that abortion is legal.

    Pulling on 'christian values' has been the way Republicans get these folks to vote straight party line, even though Republican's fiscal policies are detrimental to their best interests.

    It's illegal to yell ''FIRE'' in a theatre, but it's just fine to attempt to start a civil war by lying, cheating, and gerrymandering districts so these bat-crazy teabaggers get elected.

    Something needs to be done, as far as fact checking your lies before you can broadcast them on the PUBLIC airwaves. Fear and hate should not be allowed to be broadcast...If they want to preach hate, then they can do it the old fashioned way. ON A SOAPBOX IN THE TOWN SQUARE.

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