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View Diary: Michelle Shocked clears out San Francisco venue with anti-gay tirade (324 comments)

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    Pucifer, zett

    I always thought that she was LGBT.  "Not that there's anything wrong with that."  I'm bi and I heard she was too.

    Reading that she had become a born again Xian homophobe (I've got problems with the homophobe part ONLY) was like that RuPaul and Rachel Maddow had become  fundamentalist homophobes.  

    Now this woman is spewing more Gaytred* than the Pope (though not as much as Fred Phelps thankfully).

    The poor woman is in denial and must be very sick, especially since she had her outburst in San Francisco.  She wants to be punished very badly, and she was.  

    Good God.  Now don't tell me that Ani DiFranco has gotten into Gaytred or I'll die.  Sure she's gone straight sexually, but she's still progressive (I hope).

    *I just made this work up, because I am utterly "Shocked."

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