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  •  The governorships are statewide elections, (3+ / 0-)
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    dewtx, david78209, nadd2

    True.  But they did indeed gerrymander state house and senate districts, which means that it will be very hard to get Democrats elected to those bodies.  And that means however many governorships turn blue , they're going to have red legislatures to deal with.  Further, since those democrats who do get elected will be expected to clean up the vast trashing of our states done by the republicans, how successful are they likely to be, with all those red legislatures  blocking them.
    And since we're being honest about the republicans chances in 2014, maybe we should be honest about the Dems chances, too.  What's going to happen to Dem enthusiasm  when a Democratic President cuts SS and Medicare, and the Republican billionaires club floods the airwaves with ads to that effect?

    •  Not necessarily (1+ / 0-)
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      They've pissed off a lot of people. The GOP taint may extend all the way to the state legislatures, especially where the state legislature has done things that the people don't like and didn't want in the first place.

      And in many cases, the only reason they won at all is because they LIED about what they were going to do when elected. If they'd even hinted at what they'd do, they never would have won.

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