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  •  CHEERS. I guess (7+ / 0-)

    I'm supposed to go on a work-related trip tomorrow. Or maybe not. I'm really not sure at this point. I hope someone makes a decision for me so I'll know whether to print my boarding pass and pay the bag-check fee. As it is, I've packed already. It has to do with the fact that you can have age-restricted rental housing for people 55 and over, but HUD's mortgage insurance programs will cover age restricted properties only if they are for people 62 and over (don't ask me why; probably has to do with the age when you used to be able to begin collecting Social Security at a reduced rate). So if you want to refinance a 55-and-over property you have to wait until all of the youngsters have moved out. And you can't make anyone move out. And someone, somewhere, screwed up just a little bit. And nobody wants to decide if we make an exception.

    The trip coincides with the lone day of the week here when the weather's not supposed to be awesome. Light, steady rain is expected tomorrow morning. Which means, since this is SFO we're talking about, that arrivals and departures will be completely screwed up.

    So...CHEERS to confusion and indecision.

    CHEERS to the promise of another nice weekend.

    CHEERS to last Saturday's bike ride which featured lots of wildlife...







    ...and bears...


    Unless my trip is canceled you may not see me around here again until Friday afternoon since I don't have a laptop and posting on Daily Kos from my phone, or even from my Kindle (assuming there's free wi-fi in my hotel, which is not clear) is a major pain.

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