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View Diary: Drunk Teen Fatally Shot For Entering His Neighbor's Home Thinking It Was His Home (141 comments)

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  •  Y'know, I'm not a huge fan of guns (9+ / 0-)

    But it seems to me that this tragedy was the result of a young man being so drunk that he didn't know where he was.

    I'm known to enjoy a few drinks, but if one is so drunk and disoriented to the point that they don't even know where their own house is, it's not unlikely that it will end in tragedy. Not because they might get shot, but because they could pass out in an alley and freeze to death, or stumble into traffic, or trip and crack their head open on the pavement, not realize the extent of their injuries, and end up dead from that. The possibilities are endless when one is that drunk.

    This is a very, very sad story, but in this case I don't think the gun was the problem. It was the alcohol.

    P.S. I am not a crackpot.

    by BoiseBlue on Mon Mar 18, 2013 at 07:32:44 PM PDT

    •  Was a combination of the alcohol and the gun (9+ / 0-)

      But I suspect that if there was not a gun in the home, Gordley would still be alive.

      No doubt Gordley did not exercise the best judgment that night , but if there was not a gun in the neighbor's home, I doubt that the night would have ended with the teen being shot to death.  

      •  Of course he wouldn't have been shot to death (3+ / 0-)
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        Red Sox, jayden, gerrilea

        in that incident. And I do think it's a tragedy and I think every homeowner who owns a gun for protection (something I frequently mock to the ire of the RKBA crowd) has the responsibility to know who they're shooting.

        That being said....

        When someone is so drunk that they don't even know where they are, tragedies happen. I say this as someone who loves her beer and dislikes guns for the sake of self-defense. I think the alcohol was the root cause of this tragedy. A sober person wouldn't have crawled into the wrong house.

        P.S. I am not a crackpot.

        by BoiseBlue on Mon Mar 18, 2013 at 07:52:15 PM PDT

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    •  you're not following the rules (7+ / 0-)

      you have to blame it on the gun.

      _"Love is the rosebud of an hour; Friendship the everlasting flower."_ Brook Boothby

      by Keith930 on Mon Mar 18, 2013 at 07:38:50 PM PDT

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    •  the gun shot the kid--the alcohol didn't. (3+ / 0-)
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      Iberian, LilithGardener, Paul1a

      If that kid had come into my house, I probably would have left by the back door and called the cops.  Assuming it's probably one of the high school kids in my town that does that sort of thing.  Or a familly member.  Neither of whom I'd like to see dead--even if my home WERE broken into.

    •  also, BB--I've been drunk numerous times. (3+ / 0-)

      I've passed out, wandered around alleys, gotten locked out of buildings, fallen, tripped, etc. etc.

      I'm still alive.  In part because no one shot me.

      Drunk driving?  Now, that's a common cause of death.  I'm actually pretty shocked you didn't mention that--these other situations you've suggested are kinda nutty, to be honest.

      •  May sound nutty (2+ / 0-)
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        OldSoldier99, happymisanthropy

        But I've taken them from real life examples.

        P.S. I am not a crackpot.

        by BoiseBlue on Mon Mar 18, 2013 at 07:48:35 PM PDT

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        •  I'm not saying they're impossible--I just don't (2+ / 0-)
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          LilithGardener, Paul1a

          see them as particularly strong examples of why alcohol is dangerous/at fault in this situation.  Hell I do the same things while tired.  Hell--i fell into a manhole in Mongolia once after not getting enough sleep...

          •  Come on, everyone here knows I'm a lush (3+ / 0-)
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            jakedog42, notrouble, gerrilea

            But when someone is so drunk that they don't know their own home, when they're that disoriented, it's not unlikely that something bad is going to happen.

            We all know alcohol can be dangerous, that's not in dispute. But to say that the gun is the only factor in this tragedy is naive.

            Again, I think people who own guns for the purpose of shooting intruders are cowards. I've taken plenty of heat for that opinion from the RKBA crowd.

            But at the same time, I don't see how the homeowner is solely to blame here. The kid didn't even know where he was. That WAS a factor in this- a huge one.

            I'm not saying that if he hadn't been drunk this wouldn't have happened. I'm saying that if he hadn't been THAT drunk this probably wouldn't have happened.

            P.S. I am not a crackpot.

            by BoiseBlue on Mon Mar 18, 2013 at 08:03:30 PM PDT

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            •  the chances of DEATH from drinking too much (1+ / 0-)
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              aside from getting behind the wheel--and in rare cases alcohol poisoning--are minuscule.

              Get into trouble?  Sure.  Get killed?  Highly unlikely.

              Look--I don't dispute in the least that the alcohol played a role.  Obviously.  But we're not talking 50-50 blame here.

    •  It happens frequently (4+ / 0-)

      I'm not condoning it, but stumbling drunkenly into the wrong house is one of those things that everybody knows somebody who's done it.

      Gun, alcohol, and fear all played a role.

      •  Happened to me a half-dozen times, living near (0+ / 0-)

        a university. 1am, 2am, 3am -- kids would stumble into my living room thinking they were home or at a friend's house (if I'd left the door unlocked, which I did if I was still up).

        They'd come in, walk into the middle of the room and say "hello" before figuring out they were in the wrong house. I found it rather amusing.

        Not once, not once did it cross my mind to feel the least bit threatened. Let alone to think of having a gun as protection. Let alone threatening them with the gun. Let alone actually shooting them.

        This irresponsible asshat, Donald West Wilder II, couldn't even tell a drunken 16-yo from a violent burglar, yet feels he is responsible enough to own a gun, and has the authority to kill someone in cold blood? Yes, it requires split-second judgment (body language, verbal cues, etc.); and Wilder obviously failed. How did he know it wasn't his teen daughter's boyfriend sneaking in for a rendezvous? We don't know what was said. But we know that Wilder was wrong and killed an innocent child. I hope he rots in hell.

    •  I've been that drunk (3+ / 0-)
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      jayden, LilithGardener, Paul1a

      when I was dropped off at my house by friends, especially at that age.

      Luckily, I lived in the only red house on the street--easy for a completely drunk me or my don't-live-there friends to remember.

      "Maybe: it's a vicious little word that could slay me"--Sara Bareilles

      by ChurchofBruce on Mon Mar 18, 2013 at 08:11:11 PM PDT

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    •  We underestimate alcohol (2+ / 0-)
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      gerrilea, BoiseBlue

      We even treat it as funny sometimes. We even say "alcohol and drugs" as if it weren't a drug.

      Alcohol misuse kills, over and over.

      Freedom isn't free. Patriots pay taxes.

      by Dogs are fuzzy on Tue Mar 19, 2013 at 01:03:32 AM PDT

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