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View Diary: 6 Democrats Betray 30 Million Workers on Minimum Wage (200 comments)

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  •  I've been saying it, and I'll keep on saying it: (0+ / 0-)

    Republicans aren't the problem. The problem is Democrats who support Republican policies.

    The Republican Party has killed itself twice now -- once in 2008 and again last year -- with devastating losses in the polls. Each time, however, Barack Obama and certain Democrats have resurrected them from the dead, negotiating with them, promoting Republican policies, and generally screwing up everything that we voted for.

    Change occurs in the primaries. If we're going to change things, then we have to recognize one necessity and work hard to acheive it:

    A lot of incumbent Democrats must be defeated in the primaries. And it will help if their replacements start using the word "corruption" in their speeches, because the corruption among our current representatives is what's killing us.

    If we're going to get money out of politics, then we'll need politicians who will actually work for that goal. Vote out the Democrats who are eating at the corporate trough, and vote in people who recognize that corruption is our number one problem.

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