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View Diary: BREAKING NEWS: Parliament of Cyprus Rejects "Bailout," Bank "Haircut" (143 comments)

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    Chi, mrkvica

    I dont like them either (meaning not to say that I dont like Cyprus - the opposite is the case; actually I like them far less). Luxembourg has been a bit cut to size as its directly in the EU. That was good. Liechtenstein is ever being fought over, just recently aghain when German tax services availed themselves of illegally gotten data from there.  

    The more I read your economist - this Mr Lapvitsas - the more I agree with him. I hate whats being done to Europe, the desocialization thats going on, all to preserve the well-suitedness of a certain, pretty rich upper bourgeoisie.

    I also hated the pettyness of my Dutch countrymen when Icesave went down - oh losing their capital couldnt be a fate that was in store for touchy Dutchmen! It was morally repugnant. They wanted all the gain for themselves and all the risk for the state.

    Yet; a part of the failure of the left in our continent is that they as a whole have not really developed an alternative. Merkels policy was begun by Schroeder (who I helped elect). French lefties afforded themselves a five-candidate split - with trotskyites - guaranteeing Chirac´s long power, and THAT was a crushing blow for Europe. Zapatero in Spain made a gallant stand but ultimately had no answer to the crisis that he had not caused. I feel very much for him. Yet there it is ... if I ask you "now what" then I implicitly ask myself and all of us "now what"? We need to get rid of this posse thats ruining our continent.

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