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  •  Like nomads in the desert, (3+ / 0-)

    those of us on the far left are relegated to trying to find a home.  We have lost our ability to change things because we have been so marginalized.

    This is why so many here are frustrated with the concept of more and "better" Democrats. It means nothing.  I have come to the conclusion that, with few exceptions, there are "better" Dems do not exist.  There are only some that are worse than others. The Democrats have abandoned the the very foundation of the party and it happened very quickly.  Before, their betrayals may have been subtle, but now it is in your face abandonment.  

    So I have to ask myself, how is Obama better than Bush when it comes to protection of our constitutional rights?  

    We on the left have been forced to make a choice between 3rd Way Dems and the worst of the Rethugs.  It is a choice akin to picking your poison,  Do you want to die quickly or slowly? Either way, you die from poisoning.

    "Growing up is for those who don't have the guts not to. Grow wise, grow loving, grow compassionate, but why grow up?" - Fiddlegirl

    by gulfgal98 on Wed Mar 20, 2013 at 07:09:37 AM PDT

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