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    I think very highly of your series on this subject and I do think your assessments are rather accurate, though not entirely so.   I agree with WORDS IN ACTION's comment below.

    The thought I would add is the following:

    Liberals do respond to the "visceral emotional" stimuli just as much as do the conservatives, the difference however being that the type of "visceral emotional stimuli which the conservatives respond to tends to be far more of the base emotions variety. Namely, the conservatives in general are responding to "fear" and "survival" emotions, which tend to overshadow any logical rational thinking. Maslow's "hierarchy of needs" comes to mind. Consider the voting characteristics of the following two conservative groups, who we liberals find as strange bedfellows, yet as strange as they seem to be, they none-the-less, are in bed together:

    -- rich conservative industrialists (RCI)

    -- poor conservative Christians (PCC)

    Both of these groups are voting out of fear. 

    Note: the qualifier of "poor" and "rich" are not really necessary here, but are accurate to illustrate a point and reveal the characteristic, but can be replaced:

    Rich --> Fiscal 

    Poor --> fundamentalist 

    RCI are afraid of loosing their wealth.  No matter how much wealth they have, they feel insecure and afraid if they are not earning more, and they are deathly afraid of loosing their lifestyle. 

    PCC see the entire world as engaged in a battle between good and evil: GOD and SATAN. They are afraid of going to hell. They are afraid of Satan. They are afraid of Satan's influence. They are afraid to even listen to anyone whom they see has not embraced their religious beliefs in the exact same manner that they have, because this means that those people are in league with Satan and are going to hell. (My own aunt deleted my FB comment because I linked to Daily Kos, and she was made to believe, because of what she saw on FOX NEWS, that Daily Kos is in league with Satan. 

    An examination of Obama's success is an excellent case study to appreciate how to beat conservatives and why he won. Namely and specifically, Obama's calm cool level-headed diplomacy alleviated the fears of enough of the conservative faction of the populace that they were able to see the logical rationale of Obama's positions. 

    In some ways, Obama's second election was a shoe-in, or would have been, because he had not realized the big fears that the RCI's were concerned with, but then, because of Obama's overly diplomatic tendency, he was reluctant to expose Romney's lies during the first debate, which almost cost him the election. Obama was dominating in the polls until that debate. Obama avoided the confrontation. Romney lied about himself and he lied about Obama. This allowed Romney to paint a false picture of reality, making the RCI afraid of Obama. Fortunately, Obama saw the flaw of his approach, and corrected it during his second and third debates, as well as, in his speeches going forward. Romney's lies made the RCIs afraid, and Obama calling these lies out, alleviated those fears based upon falaehoods, and this (re)earned their trust, causing them to be  able to listen to Obama's rationale. 

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