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  •  Maybe the exception proves the rule, but the (7+ / 0-)

    founding fathers of our Republic were actually pretty conservative. For example, their complaint about the king was that he was acting contrary to settled law; further, the constitution they ended up drafting is based  upon the belief in original sin; ie., that humans may want to be good but basically are rotten and selfish. So they designed a government with enough internal controls that it would be hard for corruption and tyranny to take root.

    Yet, at the same time they were sufficiently progressive to believe in a better future and in humanity's role in making that better future. They were very liberal in introducing the idea of natural rights into government --- but the idea had already been floating around for several hundred years (since the sixteenth century).

    In the end, I believe all political terms and labels are transitory and contextual. The conservatives of the current era, for example, bear a striking likeness to the Southern conservatives after the Civil War, in wanting to return to an idealized past.

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