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    Dumbo, The Geogre, native

    the reason we're all Democrats is that the Republicans are reactionary, not conservative. Right now, an intellectually consistent conservative should want to roll back the massive failed policy experiment that was the Bush administration.

    The way I'd describe myself would also be small-c conservative -- and absolutely not reactionary. I'm for single-payer health care because it's empirically proven over decades in many countries, while our employer-based insurance system is largely a failure. I have no desire to roll back abortion rights because that would be a negative change from the status quo. I also have no desire to slash high-income tax rates, and wanted the Bush tax cuts to expire because they were an unprecedented social experiment that quite predictably failed to improve the economy.

    In a healthy democratic system, compromise between liberals and conservatives operates to drive change but prevent radical change. Debate should be based on solid factual evidence. Debate between fact and pure fantasy shouldn't ever be in that picture.

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