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  •  Cheers to... (6+ / 0-)

    oh, a little bit of everything, today.

    Cheers to spring coming in with a hellacious bit of thunder and lightning and a lovely rain.

    Cheers to sunny and 70s for today's weather.

    Cheers to the word "event"--which apparently means something less eventful than when I was a kid. Good friend getting ready to deploy described the preps as including a final "training event." Huh?

    Also "beneficial rain." I love getting it, but what's wrong with calling it simply rain? I mean, trust me, we ALL understand the beneficial part!

    Cheers to that kind of week--crazy, insanely busy, and actually making progress on things that cross my desk. Instead of "that" kind of week, crazy, insanely busy, and more coming in than going out. Seems like quotation marks may make a difference.

    Cheers to obscure humor.

    Cheers to names that make me smile just because of the person I know is hiding behind the name...

    Cheers to us, cheers to you, and cheers to everyone making a difference in the world....

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