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View Diary: You See Where This is Headed, Right? (271 comments)

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    doesn't matter whichever false choice the government makes. It's all just Chinatown and at some point people regardless of their political alignments and collective ignorance just need to say fuck you, the whole lot of you. Unfortunately that wouldn't happen and even of it did the powers that be are really adept at marginalizing or killing any insurgents who resist this bogus global reality.

    What we have is nothing but a one party hydra that works hard to kill any resistance to it's inevitable world as we find it. The sequester like the serges in our creepy endless wars are part and parcel of the endless war on anything sane, democratic or humane as this is the way forward in the race to the top. So tell me again who are we compromising with and for what?

    Such utter bs, all for the glory, power and profits of those who are the real enemies of the state and the world's well being. Why? For what end? Could be worse? So insane and cowardly to agree to any of this bs that it just makes ones head spin if you still have one after all the propaganda and fear that even here is pumped out daily. Victories for compromise are not victories but just the incremental surrender of democracy and all progress we humans have made over time and over the forces of evil assholes like we now have running the world.  

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