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  •  I had ear surgery 1 week ago yesterday (3+ / 0-)
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    1. "No, I don't remember any adverse effects from anesthesia in 1965 when I had my tonsils removed", I told them.

    2. Uncertainty of how long you will be there.  Yes, it's outpatient surgery but I'm going all the way under and have no idea how long anything will take.

    3. Anesthesiologist: "I can give you something to be more comfortable while you're waiting."  Me: "Don't give me an extra drop more of anything.  I don't metabolize things quickly."

    4. The only thing I wanted overnight prior to surgery was a drink of water, only because I knew I couldn't have it.  I drank a 12 oz seltzer water at 11:30pm and then nothing until I had ice chips around 2pm.

    5. Pros: love the warm blankets! Wifi!  Cons: Boring to wait, boring for my son to have to be there all that time (but payback for me having to spend 8 hrs at the dentist office when he had his wisdom teeth removed :)

    6. When I make it to the recovery room (yea!!) they say that they had trouble getting me to breathe but that I was awake as soon as they stopped the drip of knock out drugs in the OR.

    7. Glad it's over!!

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