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  •  People will tell you that schools kill creativity, (9+ / 0-)

    but many of us survive and go on to be artists.

    If I could tell you one thing, it's to let her explore her creativity. She doesn't need to decide at six years old that she is going to be a painter and stick with her painting lessons forever, ala Tiger Woods and golf.

    There was a study out a number of years ago about creativity, and we talked about it extensively on a writers' loop I'm on. We're talking 60 or 70 people who earn their living as writers.

    The study found that creative people explored and practiced all sorts of forms of creativity as they grew up before eventually settling into the one they wanted to keep as a profession.

    I played clarinet for 7 years. I wrote poetry. I drew. I played the piano. I daydreamed and climbed trees and hung out outside. I loved to read. I wrote for my high school and college newspaper because I thought any kind of writing would help me to eventually write fiction.

    All of my friends on that writers' loop at similar stories. We could look back at our lives and see that we were always expressing our creativity some way.

    So, remember. Exploring freely different forms of art is good for the creative person, and it's also normal.

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    by teresahill on Thu Mar 21, 2013 at 10:33:30 AM PDT

    •  And don't discriminate (5+ / 0-)

      against forms of creativity that you might not immediately recognize as creative.

      Almost everyone recognizes drawing, painting, writing, music, and sculpting as creative. Almost everyone will praise their kids' efforts in these areas, go to their performances, hang their work on the refrigerator.

      Most people can recognize cooking, carpentry, sewing, and embroidery as creative. Kids are usually praised for these sorts of things, and the results are often displayed with some pride, especially if they turn out well.

      Few people recognize building model rockets/airplanes/cars/boats, building and modifying mechanical things like robots, designing bridges, concocting science experiments, and other engineering-like creativity as creative. Kids usually aren't discouraged from doing these sorts of things, but they often aren't particularly encouraged either and are rarely told that what they're doing is interesting and creative, unless they have an engineer for a parent.

      Almost nobody recognizes digital art, math proofs and puzzles, game mods, PC mods, web design, programming, and other math/computer/logic activities as creative. Parents of kids with interests in these areas rarely even take the time to figure out what exactly their child is doing (unless the parent shares the interest), and instead of praising the child's creativity, are likely to admonish them for wasting their time and try to convince them to take up activities that the parent actually does value as creative. Certainly hardly anybody will ever hold these sorts of activities up as examples of how amazingly creative children can be, or try to introduce a child to them to foster their creativity.

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      by kyril on Thu Mar 21, 2013 at 05:22:55 PM PDT

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