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  •  This is one reason why I'm not in favor... (1+ / 0-)
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    Grading in early childhood and primary grades profoundly affects children far more than people recognize.
    ...of Singapore's PSLE exam.  PSLE stands for Primary School Leaving Examination, and it is administered to all Primary Six students.  This is a major exam that determines which type of secondary school a student will be eligible to attend after primary school.  It's a highly stressful exam for both students and parents, and criticism of the exam has become more vocal over the past few years.  My issue with the exam is that I know some students can be late bloomers, and thus the exam is not necessarily a valid indicator of a student's potential in the years to come.  For example, long division was a mystery to me through much of primary school, and I was dropped back in the seventh grade from the second-tier stream for mathematics to the third-tier stream.  Those two years, at the slower pace, were very beneficial to me, but an exam in the sixth grade wouldn't have indicated my ability to learn calculus, which I did in college. Personally, I'd like for the Ministry of Education here to put off the PSLE until several years later. The South Korean school system has a similar exam that determines which type of tertiary institution a student might go through, which is taken about the same age American kids take the SAT.  That, to me, is a much better age for that type of test.

    Muslims and tigers and bears, oh my!

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