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  •  Yes Giulliani gutted the CCRB (civll complaints.. (6+ / 0-) board) giving oversite to

    Giuliani Favors Internal Police Inquiries Over Review Board's

    Responding to criticism that he has crippled the civilian board that investigates complaints of police misconduct, Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani said yesterday that such outside investigations will never be as effective as the Police Department's own efforts to root out brutality and corruption from within.

    He stopped short of saying there should be no board, as he did when he ran for mayor in 1992, but he said that no matter how large the budget or staff of the Civilian Complaint Review Board, it would be ill suited to penetrating the complex, insular culture of the Police Department.

    ''An independent body has a very hard time effectively investigating an organization of 38,000 people that is expert at investigating itself,'' he said. ''A much better way to improve the Police Department is to get it to investigate itself.''

    "Investigate iteslf" - not a good plan imo  

    NYT - July 14, 1997
    Also too:  PICO did a study on the prison industrial complex showing the money trail from ALEC (right wing American legisltion exchange council) to two major private prison industries: Corrections Corporation of America and GEO Group and these organizations strategy to greatly increase incarceration rates (impacting  minorities in far greater numbers) for profit by dominating democracy to get that done

    Thx Denise Oliver Velez - you've got todays news covered, so i wanted mention what I heard this morning on Chris Hayes UP and the discussion going on between the candidates for NY mayor.

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