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  •  Please quote the "non-factual" parts of my diary. (0+ / 0-)
    •  Took 2 seconds to find this (1+ / 0-)
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      In Argentina and the rest of South America “the rightwing sectors, both political and religious, will be strengthened” by Bergoglio’s papacy.
      That is pretty non-factual. One sentence out of hundreds. Can't be bothered to play trash man today and find all the rest. The diary doesn't need to be re-written by me word for word to illustrate what's wrong with it.

      Betty's nutty conspiracy theory of the week. That should be the title for all her diaries.

      •  But of course there would be (1+ / 0-)
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        a marked uptick in levels of attention, at the very least, given to any nation whose Cardinal is elected by the Conclave.

        This time it's Argentina.  

        Bergoglio was in town for the highly restrictive junta and is said to have expressed frustration in Cristina Fernandez Kirchner's support for far more liberalized attitudes (and legislation) regarding contraception and gay marriage, etc.  Her initiatives were not to the Cardinal's liking and he sought vigorously to assert his personal positions as regional head of a private religion onto the public policy of a nation.

        Not good.  Not modern.  But likely encouraging to "the rightwing sectors, both political and religious," in Argentina at the time.  

        It's worked similarly in the U.S., during the 2004 presidential election, for example.  Catholic higher-ups didn't care for John Kerry's stand on reproductive freedom so calls were placed and arrangements made to seek to deny him communion.  

        Betty Clermont is conducting a dialogue on matters Catholic that the Church itself has resisted, significantly to its disadvantage, IMO.  I've found Betty's diaries informative, interesting, and valuable.  I hope she writes some more.

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