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  •  Here's a passage from a piece (1+ / 0-)
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    Betty Clermont

    from Salon, in case you're into Salon.  

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    [Scalia] also obeys the pronouncements of the Catholic Church — he is rumored to be a member of the conservative Catholic group Opus Dei — except with respect to the death penalty, where Scalia thinks the modern church has simply got the Bible wrong.

    (italics mine)
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    It's well within zone for a columnist to include speculation on leading cultural figures.  It is appropriate for historians, for example, to consider how Meriwether Lewis died.  Was Alexander the Great dead from contamination after a drunk swim in the river or was he poisoned?  If a U.S. Supreme Court Justice shows up an at Opus Dei event, might it not trigger speculation that he, at the very least, might affirm its basic tenets?  

    Both Betty's feet were in-bounds when she made the catch.  

    First down.

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