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  •  Sunburned?!..we got crisped! (7+ / 0-)

    I crackle when I walk.

    We went to Carpinteria and 'just for a moment' went to peek at the ocean at the 30' bluff near the state park.

    Well, birds, bees, clouds, seals..pretty soon it was three hours later...

    we saw a Roadrunner, baby!

    Brown Pelicans
    Black Phoebe
    Say's Phoebe
    Cattela Egrets
    Great Egrets
    ground squirrels (MsBee gives them 'tasty meat' thoughts and they sqweek and hide)
    sparrowy sumpins
    little grey sumpimns
    more little brown whatevers
    Cormorants: Double crested, woohoo, and Brandt's(?)
    a dozen kinds of the regular beach birds, mass quantites, flocked and single.
    Surf birds
    Saw a Whimbrel/godwit sumpin doing evasive flight maneuvers with nothing in the sky..(Peregrines known to nest nearby...)
    Cooper's Hawk circling
    or maybe a Kestrel, we're still arguing...I offered Merlin, but no compromises yet..
    Turkey Vultures, mmm, good beach picnic
    several kinds of gulls
    no grebes, ducks, mergansers
    well, maybe a Merganser
    a couple hundred Harbor seals at their rookery/nursery
    one not too thriving sea lion pup
    saw a redtail on a freeway sign, several circling, a red shouldered circling
    did not see the visiting Grey Hawk at his usual stretch of roadside hunting areas.

    and a Roadrunner, Baby!

    MsBee decided to Be Still just because...soon the roadrunner baby made himself visible, he turned off the cloaking device, and there he was, the Stealth Combat Ops Chicken!

    He dove into a Mulefat bush, skruggled around, and came out with a big Bluebelly (sad :<) and then stared at MsBee as if to say 'say hello to my littlea fren' or similar.

    He flared his crest at her and his cheek feathers to show his orange cheek spots, like 'orange you glad you don't have to eat lizards?' 'Well, are ya punk?'

    If they could talk they would say much worse.

    Imagine you a lizard, and that Thing sticks his head in your hidey bushes and starts snapping at you. That's what they call a very bad day.

    Thing we like about asteroidal big dinosaurs, altho that 12' tall South American predator bird, like a large Roadrunner, Baby!, that would have been hard to keep as a pet...
    More on the seal's rookery later, photos maybe forthcoming..and maybe not.

    Roadrunner, Baby!

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Wed Mar 27, 2013 at 10:36:16 PM PDT

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