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  •  Cites in CA closing medical pot dispensaries (7+ / 0-)

    The CA voters might be fine with the "Medical" Marijuana  but the cities are not. They have been relentless in shutting them down even in overwhelming Democratically controlled cities. Last summer Los Angeles City Council voted to shut down all 762 dispensaries in the city.

    Last month the State Supreme Court heard a case brought by the State challenging the right of cities to shut down legal dispensaries. This case will decide whether legalization is meaningless because virtually no cities will allow this kind of business to operate or whether the State can force cities to allow them.

    In my own city, they shut down a single discreet dispensary a half of mile from home that I didn't even know existed until I read upon them being shuttered because you know - family values and think of the kids. In the meantime the same center has a huge cigarette  shop right smack in the middle, thoughtfully located a block from the high school. Oh and we have a lovely Hooters right on the highway exit and a strip club that none of those family values people seem to care about. But pot - that can't be tolerated.

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