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    We are stuck with the bane of alcohol abuse, alcohol-related highway deaths, lung cancer from cigarette smoking.
    Marijuana isn't abused like alcohol. Marijuana-related highway deaths are virtually nonexistent. And I don't know if anybody's told you by now, but you don't have to smoke marijuana. It can be eaten, and more recently, it can be vaporized.
    Willy-nilly legalization of recreational MJ
    What the fuck are you talking about? I'm sorry, gentle senior citizen, but us marijuana advocates are much smarter than "willy-nilly legalization". Cut the crap.
    There won't be a "human cost" to legalizing marijuana. On the contrary, there will be a human benefit. Your preference for the status quo pushes children into a world controlled by shady people, who are eager to push any drug they can get a hold of for a quick buck. And guess what? You can post as much DEA propaganda as you want, kids are still going to buy grams and eighths.
    I know the kid nowadays days must upset you, with their blunts and hippity-hop. I'm truly sorry that you're such a square, and a grump, so I'm going to light up a big fatty just for you. Thanks for worrying about my IQ, by the way. It's doing just fine.

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